Amy Johnson
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Family: Mother


Relationships: Highschool Bully (ex-boyfriend)

Shane Dawson (boyfriend)

Friends: Kiki, Lisa, Brit, Lori Beth Shane Dawson (possibly)
Enemies: Danny Dandruff, Brenda (possibly) Ms,Goldstien
Other Informations
Education: High School
Series Information
First appearance: High School Drama
Portrayer: Shane Dawson
Amy is a fictional character in Shane Dawson's videos.

Amy Johnson is the typical high school bitch. Amy has brought up that she has given oral before. Amy is very selfish, self-centered, violent and snarky.



Her boyfriend broke up with her because she was too fat. She was told to become bulimic by another girl and look for "Thinspiration" so she could barf out her food. With some convincing from Shane she decided to give up looking for Thinspiration. In a later webisode "School Dance Disaster" she seems to be back to her old self. Amy helped to organize the father's day dance and obligated everyone to come with the help of Mrs. Goldstein. Amy's was seen with her father dancing provocatively. It is revealed that Amy aspires to be a singer. In the Halloween special webisode "Friends 4 Ever" Amy throws a Halloween party for her friends, Brenda, Kiki, Lisa, Brit & Lori Beth, to come over and enjoy. Amy comes up with the idea to prank "Danny Dandruff" which in the end comes back to bite her as he comes to her house and fake murders all her friends, one by one. Danny & Brenda's plan in the end fails as Amy hadn't changed, so all of them stab her and she supposedly dies. It is unknown if Amy will be brought back as she hasn't appeared since.


Amy wears a pink headband and has purple streaks throughout her hair. Her wardrobe varies but her most common outfit is a pink hoodie with a yellow shirt underneath, with pink pants. All her outfits seem to incorporate the colour Pink in to them.


Amy's dad is seen at the Father's day dance. Mrs. Gouldstein called him a "Pedo Bear" and insinuated that Amy had given him oral. He is also mentioned in "Friends 4 Ever" when Amy tells Brit that he keeps a gun behind the toilet.


Amy was in a relationship with the "High school Bully" Mikey, but he broke up with her because she was getting too fat.