Blaire (Bling Blang)
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 17/11/1996
Aliases: Bling Blang
Family & Friends
Family: Blaire's Mom

Blaire's Dad Blaire's "Retarded" Brother

Relationships: Stacey (her hairy best friend)
Friends: Stacey
Enemies: Her family
Other Informations
She likes money and icies
Series Information
First appearance: SUPER SWEET 16 *SPOOF*!
Last appearance: SUPER SWEET 16 *SPOOF*!
Portrayer: Emma Bateman

Blaire (Bling Blang) is a rich and spoiled 16 year old girl who appeared in the video Super Sweet 16 spoof as the demonstration Shane Dawson gave of rich kids being assholes.  


 She hates her family and often uses them for her amusement. Her brother is mentally challenged.  

She often shows off by making videos of her life and claims she is nice and everyone is jealous of her. She is very selfish. The evidence includes forcing her father into punching himself in private, making her mother smash a enormous and well-baked birthday cake into her face, and asking her brother to commit suicide due to the fact she doesn't think he'll ever improve. After her birthday party, her family finally can't stand her anymore and orders an insane asylum to take her. Her parents tell her that she's getting a new car, which turns out to be a white van. Blaire dislikes her assumed gift and goes near it. After she insults her family, the van door is opened by an insane asylum employee and his co-worker. They tie Blaire up with a blanket and gag her. Blaire screams as they ride away with her to the asylum.