General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Housemaid
Family & Friends
Employer: Shane, Shane's Mom
Enemies: Shane
Guardalupe used to Shane's mysterious Mexican housemaid. Shane thought she was his only friend although she said she would cut his balls off while he was sleeping in. She used to hate him when she was thin. But the

Guardalupe getting killed by "Stupid Bitch"

n she got fat and really kind to everyone.

She was murdered twice. First, when she was shot by the "Stupid Bitch", a necromaniac girlfriend of S-Deezy that shot her so they 3 could have a "hot" threesome.  


"Why señorita, why?!"

ater on, Guardalupe was murdered once again, but this time, by Shane's Mom. She was trying to hit Shane with an arrow and mistakenly aimed at Guardalupe, killing her. Her last words were: "Why Señorita, why!?"


Dead Guardalupe killed by Shane's Mom