Rashondala Gengiz is a fictional character of Shane Dawson.

Rashondala on the video "KIDNAPPING DRAKE BELL"

She is an inexperienced dentist who distracts herself very easily, she's quite stupid and talks like she's on a TV Show.

Rashondala's JobsEdit

In a few of her episodes, she appears as an Apple employee , an unexperienced dentist, and as an actress for an MTV Reality Show, in which she met his fellow co-star Robert.


Rashondala is very similar to Shananay, except that Roshandala is more stupid.  In the video  "EVIL LAMBCHOP TRIED TO KILL ME"  she revealed she likes to smoke weed and f*ck. She went to a college where she became a dentist in 3 weeks.

In the video "I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE SPOOF" she revealed that she has children but she lost them and tries to talk to Siri, so it helps her.