Shane Yaw, better known as Shane Dawson is an actor, comedian, writer, director, and singer. He is best known for his YouTube channel ShaneDawsonTV, in which he started his career.

YouTube CareerEdit

Shane Dawson created his currently used channel on March 10, 2008. However, he posted his first official video a few months later on June 25. He has gotten more and more popular every day. Shane decided upon a schedule in early 2009 that he would create one video on his channel each week, which later stuck with Saturday.

Shane created his official second channel ShaneDawsonTV2 after a few unsuccessful channels on April 3, 2009. On his second channel Shane posts bloopers, video blogs, and other extras of his videos.

Shane started posting on a used third channel, shane, on April 27, 2010 to post unedited shorts recorded from his iPhone.

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